Shetland Stroke Support Group


Latest Update
14 Jan 2019


The Shetland Stroke Support Group is always working with Chest Heart Stroke Scotland (CHSS) to promote stroke awareness. Recent campaigns have focussed on the importance of recognising a suspected stroke as a medical emergency.   

Digital Resources

The key message is:

  •  Having a stroke can happen to anyone
  •  Calling 999 will help to ensure that someone gets a diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible
  •  Acting FAST will improve the chances of making a good recovery following a stroke


CHSS has put together a resource pack, which contains leaflets, posters and cards explaining how to do a quick test to check if someone is having a stroke.
The leaflets and resource packs have been circulated to health centres and are also held by Shetland's Stroke Liaison Nurse, Dorothy Storey.

For more information about local services or the campaign
ring 01595 743000 ext 3197