Shetland Stroke Support Group


Latest Update
30 Apr 2019


SSSG Booklet

Introducing the Shetland Stroke Support Group

The SSSG committee thought it would be a good idea to have a booklet to give out to all new stroke patients, to introduce them to the stroke group. Some of the group members contributed their stories of how stroke has affected them to be used in the booklet, and copies are available for anyone in Shetland who has had a stroke.

When the local stroke services were having their annual review by the Scottish Government and the National Stroke audit team in 2017 the booklet was shown to them. The group was asked to produce a poster to present at the Information Services Division Stroke Audit conference at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh. The poster was also presented at the Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum conference in Perth in September 2017.

The poster shows excerpts from the patient stories in the booklet, as well as photos of those who contributed, including a story from a wife’s perspective on how it feels when a family member has a stroke.